S35 Gantry Trio Components

System 35 Trio Gantry - range of parts.

Exhibition gantry is one of the most flexible exhibition stand systems that exists, System 35 is a Global brand exclusively supplied and stocked by Coker Exhibition systems. This system provides several major benefits to the exhibitor. Firstly it is very easy to put together, two people can assemble a medium square lighting truss in thirty minutes. System 35 is modular and can be assembled in different sizes with the same parts.

Because it is a lighting truss system it is the perfect lighting stand, our daisy lighting cable systems and clamps make exhibition lighting and stand building a rewarding pleasure. The gantry also provides a place to hang large format digital banners a service we can also provide at competitive prices. This lightweight exhibition stand will last for many years and can be used over and over again. It is hard to think of a better investment in promotional and display products.

S35 Trio carries European TUV certification, a great aid to health and safety issues should they be an issue at any trade show or public venue.

We offer a full range of component parts shown on this page to alter, complement or grow your original truss stand system. Our lighting gantry is truly modular, a complete system. Our smallest straight section beam length is 250mm going up to 3 meters in length. We also offer a range of spacers starting from 10mm up to 100mm, past this we can custom build in 1 week, exhibition floors can be odd shapes and sizes after all.

Coker Exhibition Systems technical advisors are here to help, call 01256 768178.

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S35TC41 cross junction for lighting truss SYS35.

S35 Lighting Truss 4 way cross S35T41 System 35 Lighting...£155.00

S35T33 Three way apex down - right hand corner junction

S35 trio lighting truss 3 way apex down corner right hand...£130.00

Straight section lengths for Trio System 35 truss up to 1500mm

System 35 Lighting Truss straight sections System 35...£70.00

Curved sections of lighting truss sections S35T 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5M circles

Curved sections S35T 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5M radius pieces, build...£170.00

S35 Trio lighting truss Long straight sections 2-3M

System 35 Exhibition gantry long straight sections 2M to 3M.£120.00

S35TBase Trio base or wall plate for lighting truss legs

System 35 Trio base / wall plate Lighting truss, wall or...£40.00

Custom angles with a S35T Bookend Multi Junction.

S35T Bookend Multi Junction Book end truss junction.£200.00

120 degree trio junction with leg S35T22SP

S35T22 Special 3 way junction.£184.00

Lighting gantry junction, 5 way.

S35T51 5Way Lighting Gantry Junction.£195.00

Aluminium multi connecting 5 way trio truss junction.

S35T52 This 5 Way, apex up trio junction is part of our...£255.00

Five way junction for System 35 trio lighting exhibition gantries, S35T53.

S35T53 5 Way Trio Center Leg Junction.£255.00

4 Way S35 Trio Junction, T with cross beam

S35T43 4way Junction Apex Up A 4 way apex up junction with...£195.00

Trio 4 way junction S35T42 for system 35 trussing.

S35T42 4way Trio Gantry Junction.£160.00

S35T33/34 Custom trio system 35 corner junctions - 3 way

S35T33_34 Special 3 way Junction S35T33/34 Special A custom...£166.00

T junction for lighting truss systems.

S35T39 Apex up T Junction.£166.00

S35T36 Horizontal "T" junction for trio lighting truss.

S35T36 Horizontal T Junction.£130.00

3 way T - S35T38 for lighting truss systems.

S35T38 3way Trio Gantry Junction A popular 3 way junction...£130.00

Three way "T" system 35 truss junction.

S35T37 3 way Trio Lighting Gantry Junction Special T...£166.00

Trio junction S35T31 apex up, right handed.

S35T31 Trio Lighting Gantry Apex Up Right S35T31 A trio 3...£166.00

S35T23, a 135 degree angled truss junction with down leg.

S35T23 Special 3 Way Junction 135 degree corner with leg A...£184.00

Trio 120 degree 2 way lighting truss junction S35TC22.

S35 Trio Lighting truss 120° 2Way Lighting truss Junction...£95.00

Vertical T trio gantry, System 35 junction S35T35.

S35 3 way vertical T apex down S35T35 S35 Trio 3 Way...£130.00

SYS35 Trio 4 way lighting truss junction, S35TC45

S35 Lighting Truss 4 way corner left hand S35T45 SYS35...£160.00

System 35 trio 4 way junction for 2 tier structures, S35TC44

S35 Lighting Truss 4 way corner left hand S35 Lighting...£160.00

S35TC34 Trio lighting truss left hand corner junction.

S35TC34 Trio lighting truss, 3 Way apex down corner left...£130.00

Apex up trio gantry junction S35TC32.

S35 Trio lighting truss 3 way junction apex up left hand...£166.00

Lighting gantry junction with conicals, pins and clips.

S35T47 Turned leg, 4 Way Junction S35T47 A turned leg...£195.00

System 35 trio 2 way junction - S35T25'

S35 Trio lighting truss 90° Corner apex in S35T25 This is...£90.00

Apex up, apex out lighting Truss junction S35TC24

S35 Trio lighting truss 90° Corner S35T24 If you are...£100.00

S35T21 - 2 Way 90° Corner S35 trio junction.

S35 Trio Lighting Truss 90° 2 Way T21 Horizontal 2 way...£90.00

System 35 trio 135 degree 2 way junction.

S35 Trio Lighting truss 135° 2Way S35T23 8 required for an...£95.00

Heavy base plate for trio lighting truss S35.

XL Gantry Base Plate XL base plate for trio and quad truss...£160.00