S35 Quad

Quad exhibition gantry and lighting truss systems.

Quad exhibition gantry and lighting truss systems for trade shows and events. These sample designs are in Coker Exhibition System 35 quad range.

This truss system use a 35mm diameter aluminium tube and uses, all spigot and pin connections with solid conicals. Quick and easy to set up and take down and light weight to use.

System 35 quad gives you high load bearing abilities and low deflection rates on wide spanning beams. Weight load and deflection charts are available. These are basic ideas that are to be adapted, built upon to suit your custom requirements.

We supply scale drawings with all our full truss system purchases.

Quad components Please click here : Quad Components

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Display truss build 50 (dwg 518)

Display truss build 50 (dwg 518) A display truss...£4,663.00

Wall fixed exhibition stand System 35 Quad

Wall Fixed Quad Lighting Gantry Quad lighting truss.£1,346.00

S35 Fast build quad lighting gantry

Quad Lighting Gantry Systems Modular truss system for...£4,722.00

Quad Trade Show lighting gantry system

Quad Trade Show Gantry Imposing 3M high corner stand Here...£1,540.00

5 metres wide x 2.5 Metres high, optional heavy base plates

Lighting Gantry Exhibition Backdrop This exhibition...£940.00

Quad aerial lighting truss.

Aerial Lighting Truss in Quad Suspended lighting truss rig.£1,364.00

System 35 Quad lighting truss with four bays

SYS35 Quad lighting truss banner display Quad lighting...£2,332.00

System 35 Quad free standing banner display frame.

System 35 Quad Free Standing Banner Frame A smart free...£1,762.00

Strong display stand S35 Quad aluminium gantry system

Quad Lighting Truss exhibition stand Quick connection truss...£2,600.00

Quad lighting truss tower.

SYS35 Quad Lighting Gantry Tower An impressive lighting...£2,476.00

Suspended lighting truss S35 Quad.

Suspended lighting truss S35 Quad Quad truss rig suspended...£1,904.00

Rectangular exhibition stand Quad System 35

Rectangular exhibition stand Quad System 35 Quad lighting...£2,800.00

System 35 Lighting gantry stand.

System 35 Quad Lighting Gantry Stand Square or Rectangular...£2,060.00