S35 Quad Parts

System 35 Quad gantry components.

Coker Expo Quad lighting truss, System 35 gantry is TUV Certified it is the perfect aluminium exhibition stand frame and a place to hang digital banners, exhibition lighting and LCD screens. Coker Expo offer a complete exhibition system with a range of parts and components to allow the exhibition stand to be built in different sizes with ease.

A quad lighting truss with a very high load bearing offering easy erection by utilising precision spigot and pin connections. 35mm diameter extruded aluminium tube with turned and welded ends. The exhibition truss stand is truly modular, Parts range from 250mm going up to 3 meters. Coker Expo also offer a range of spacers starting from 10mm going up to 100mm.

Large stocks held, free exhibition design service, call 01256 768178 if you would like to know more.

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S35 Quad 135 Degree Junction

System 35 Quad lighting truss 135 Degree Junction.£150.00

S35 Quad Gantry Long lengths 2-3M

System 35 Quad lighting truss long lengths.£160.00

S35Q21 - 2 way 90 degree lighting truss junction.

System 35 Exhibition Gantry Quad 90 degree 2 way junction...£110.00

S35Q35 T piece quad gantry system 35

Quad S35 T piece junction Horizontal or vertical T piece...£150.00

Quad 3 way corner for lighting gantry structures S35Q30.

Quad S35 3 Way corner Quad system 35, this is the standard...£150.00

A quad truss base plate for system 35 - S35QBASE.

S35 Quad Base System 35 quad base plate.£40.00

Heavy base plate for trio lighting truss S35.

XL Gantry Base Plate XL base plate for trio and quad truss...£160.00

S35 Quad Straight lengths for system 35 quad truss systems, 0.250mm to 1500mm.

System 35 Quad lighting truss lengths 0.£88.00

System 35 half conical for truss systems.

S35 Half Conical Special exhibition gantry part half...£30.00

S35QBOX - a multiple use, adaptable quad truss junction.

S35 Quad Cube The revolutionary system 35 truss "quad cube...£180.00

Lighting truss legs and beams wrapped in digital colour graphics for trio Truss.

Gantry leg wraps 32mm - 35mm - 50mm Trio truss graphic...£45.00