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Heavy base plate for trio lighting truss S35

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XL base plate for trio and quad truss systems

This is our extra large gantry base plate, it measures in at 800mm x 800mm x 6mm thick plate steel, APPROX 23KGS. Powder coated grey paint finish. If you are unable to bolt a single truss column into the floor or a portal, goal post design, then this base plate will give great support to your structure.

The base plate must be used together with a standard base plate, the position of the standard base plate can be adjusted depending where its bolted to the XL base plate. This flexibility allows a goal post banner stand for example to be placed against a wall or free standing as a divider or arch.

There are many ways of achieving an impressive design with gantry.

We are here to help please call 01256 768178 we have a gantry specialist in our team.


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