Quad aluminium exhibition gantry
Quad aluminium exhibition gantryExhibition sales areaSYS35 Quad lighting truss banner display

System 35 Quad lighting truss with four bays

SYS35 Quad lighting truss banner display

Quad lighting truss display area designed to create 4 bays with an individual feel, perfect for multiple sales operations offering that individual attention or to demonstrate and show 4 separate product ranges with double sided banners banners. This design was used at Farnborough exhibition centre.

The 4 bays would make this an ideal prominent stand for exhibition sharing. This Display stand is for a 5 Metres x 5 Metres floor area and stands at 2.5M high. We also offer banner printing to PVC or fabric, banners can be printed double sided. Exhibition lighting solutions are also offered by Coker Expo.

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