Freestanding information point.
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Freestanding information point.

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A4 Information Display

POS information display stand.

This is a neat little A4 Information display point, get your message over in style when signage applications need a class image.

  • MDF base - silver paint finish 250(w) x 350mm(d)
  • Brushed aluminium display panel 260(w) x 1160mm(h) with cable fixing to form curved shape when inserted in base unit
  • 2 part acrylic holder 3mm with fixings 198(w) x 298mm(h)
  • Insert size - 210 x 297mm(h)
  • Visible area - 210 x 297mm(h)
  • Overall dimension - 260(w) x 350(d) x 1130mm(h)
  • Weight 4.6kg

Expect a 3 days supply time, 01256 768178



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