Social Distancing Queuing

Social distance queuing to protect staff and public during Covid-19 times.

Social distance queuing, something we all need to be aware of in these times of Coronavirus. If you have a Business or Public building that has a high flow through of customers or not, you are best to consider providing a form of social distancing queue guidance system for those attending your premises or venue. Organising of queues and crowd control during these times of Covid-19 is paramount to stop the spread of infection whilst we wait inline at Shops, Airports, Hostpitals, Pharmacies, Leisure complexes and Retail outlets everywhere.

Queue guidance and Cordoning apparatus can come in many forms, easy to use retractable barrier bels systems, stylish rope and post and also expanding barriers which are great in warehouse and isle scenarios as they are so quick and easy to move in and out of any required position.

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25mm diameter ropes for barrier systems.

English posh ropes 25mm Coloured rope with trigger hooks...£28.00

Post and rope queue posts,crowd control system choice of tops and finish

Rope and Post Gold Or Chrome Rope and Post is a high...£46.00

Social distancing retractable belt barrier post

Social distancing retractable belt barrier post Pair of...£150.00

Extending safety barrier

Extending safety barrier Protect all, segregate Staff and...£75.00

Kudos queue barrier posts with retractable straps.

Kudos retractable barrier post with 2.£45.00