Steel Disco Truss

Steel Disco Truss

Black Steel

A new product from Coker Expo for Discos lighting and entertainment but, equally at home in exhibition and retail showrooms

Steel DJ Truss is a budget conscious solution functional and decorative. It is constructed from steel and protected with a black powder-coating. The steel provides the strength, 18mm triple tubes with 5mm solid steel bracing easily and precisely connected with locating stubs. Each corner joint is then securely bolted with three nuts and bolts. This system will take longer to build than the top flight S35 and S50 Lighting truss systems but it will fit the tighter budget it is a particularly useful lighting gantry system for permanent displays in shops or show areas. The system can create lighting arches and speaker mount platforms it is also well positioned to create banner frames on walls and the benefit of pre fitted mounting plates for this purpose.

Maximum load capacity:

Length Uniformly distributed load (on the handle) 1.5mtr 15,0kg 3.0mtr 8,8kg 4.0mtr 4.6kg 5.0mtr 2.7kg 6.0mtr 1,6kg

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This Stand is perfect for lighting and branding. Graphics can be back lit

3 Metre Black Steel Exhibition Gantry Black Steel Square...£1,084.00

Black Steel Back wall banner stand or lighting rig. Gantry stand portal

Gantry stand portal Gantry stand portal Black Steel Gantry...£480.00

Lean to lighting gantry display stand

Lighting Truss lean to Black Steel Lighting truss lean...£671.00

Free standing corner banner frames. Multi Sizes

Corner Exhibition Stand Corner Exhibition Stand Black Steel...£709.00

Banner frame Gantry for wall fixed displays.

Banner frame Gantry Large wall mounted banner frames.£688.00

CXH20003 2 Way Corner 90°

2 Way Corner DJ Black Steel truss, Exhibition Gantry 2 Way...£42.00

CXH20150 1500mm Straight

Straight 1500mm DJ Black Steel truss, Exhibition Gantry...£62.50

CXH20100 Straight 1000mm

Straight 1000mm DJ Black Steel truss, Exhibition Gantry...£52.00

CXH20050 straight 500mm

Straight 500mm DJ Black Steel truss, Straight 500mm 18mm...£40.00

CXH20017 3 Way Horizontal T Piece

T Piece Steel Lighting Truss DJ Black Steel truss...£54.00

CXH20BP Steel Base Plate

Steel Base Plate Steel Base Plate Steel Lighting truss...£17.00

CXH20010 Steel Lighting truss corner 3 Way

Steel Lighting truss corner Steel Lighting truss corner...£47.00