Tension Banners

Tension Banners.

Banner stands shown here on Coker Expo are very simple to use indeed, light weight and very portable, ideal for a one day event or may be very day use visiting clients for give a presentation or demo. A support pole usually, telescopic holds the display graphic in tension with the base plate of which there are a variety of shapes and styles available.

The banner systems such as Uno and Twist come in many width variants. We can put various medias into these displays, usually stoplight, but Pvc, canvas and fabric is also if they better suit your presentation and display application.

Please call for advise and to get a quotation 01256 768178.

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Wedge base display stand for sign board displays

Wedge apex base for Solid panels 4 Sizes Suitable for...£25.00

Twist banner stand for exhibition and event promotion

Twist Banner Stand Twist 800 Twist banner stand known for...£250.00

Stretch fabric display stands 4 Sizes quick lightweight aluminium frames

Straight Fabric Sock Pillars Pillar display stand 600 or...£248.00

Budget 3M Telescopic Pegasus Banner stand with carry bag

3 M Banner stand Need a banner for a pegasus? The 3m...£115.00

Stealth flexible banner display wall system for events and presentations.

Stealth Banner stands Freeform display wall This image...£200.00

Build your own gantry banner stand.

Gantry banner stand 2.£420.00

Pegasus banner stand, a simple method to display a pvc banner.

Pegasus banner stand Single and double sided back drop for...£95.00

Twist media banner stand.

Twist media stand Twist media 900 An LCD screen bring a...£310.00

Twist flexible banner stand.

Twist flex stand Freeform presentation back drop Shown here...£735.00