Track Lighting

Track lighting system mix and match your light units on our track. Start with 1 use up to 7, Point and tilt as required.

With our Track lighting system you can mix and match Led light fixtures on our 16 amp lighting track. Ideal for any lighting application in the Retail, Exhibition, Domestic, Business, Office, Museum, Gallery, Car show room, Trade show stand as well as all manner of display applications.

Track lighting is very adaptable, allowing light fittings to be fitted just where they are needed and then to allow the ability to aim that lighting fixture to an exact point or location to illuminate an area or product as required. Another huge benefit of track light systems is to add lighting fixtures as is required, as each fixtures connects to the track via an adapter. You can add extra track light fittings as needed, to enlarge your light levels or illuminate another area.

All of our Led track light fixtures are fitted with very bright diodes and come in 10w and 30w options, at 4000 Kelvin as close as possible to daylight and fitted with integral drivers.

Please call and ask for advice if required 01256 768178.

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