1M EDB track with 3 x 10W Fittings
1M EDB track with 3 x 10W Fittings thumbnail

1M EDB track with 3 x 10W Fittings

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1M eEDB Ttrack-with-3-10w LED-fittings

1M Lighting Track complete with Twist and Tilt LED fittings,EDB10W HIGH 18° LIGHT OUTPUT, 10W per fitting this set has three lights. More can be added see EDB10Wand EDB 30W fittings

  • 1M Led track lighting
  • 18° spotlights
  • Twist and Tilt
  • White LED spot fittings with integral driver
  • Very long life
  • 4000K means its white light with a tiny touch of warmth it's just right! 30,000 hours average lifetime
  • 3 x 1000 lumens (Quite a bit more than a halogen GU10 50W!)
  • Non-dimmable
  • Indoor use IP44
  • 330 degree rotation
  • 0-90 degree tilt on the bracket,

These track lights are perfect for use at home or an exhibition stand that needs to be bright and keep the number of lighting fixtures down to a minimum. Bright LED track light at 4000K means its white light with a tiny touch of warmth its just right! Perfect in the Kitchen or at a show.

If required you can mix up to 7 units in the 1 M track with one power lead with the 18° beam you can light a large area up to 4M away!

Use in the home, retail, exhibition, showroom and shop outlets.


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