S50 Trio Gantry Components

S50 Trio gantry for exhibition and lighting truss

Trade shows indoor and outdoor events. This system is robustly built, made to last. Maximum Span is 18 Metres between legs Depending on weight loading and spread.

These sample designs all use a 50mm diameter aluminium tube and are spigot and pin connection with solid conicals in each joint. These allow for longer beam lengths with out noticeable deflection and high load bearing ability.

This system is designed to be modular so a range of truss junctions and straight beams can be assemble quickly and easily in many different sizes and shapes.

Weight loading and deflection charts are available. These designs are for adaptation, altering to suit your bespoke requirements.

We supply scale drawings for all our full truss system purchases. These structures will need a two, three man team to assemble, the very largest design will require the use of professional lifts and hand winches.

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S50T25 Two way 90 degree Trio truss junction


S50T35 Three way T junction


50mm Trio Truss S50 Vertical T S50T38


50mm trio lighting truss special T piece S50T37


S50T36 50mm trio truss T section


S50TBase trio lighting truss base plate


S50T33 Right hand three way Gantry Corner


S50T34 Left hand three way Gantry Corner


S50T Straight sections