Start line bridge - Stable starting bridge with graphic branding
Racing bridge - Stable starting bridge with graphic branding
Race start line - Stable starting bridge with graphic branding
Start line bridge with banners - Stable starting bridge with graphic branding
Stable starting bridge with graphic branding thumbnail 4

Stable starting bridge with graphic branding

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Race Start Line Gantry bridge

50mm Trio gantry starting bridge This image shows a 6m x 2.5m x 4m high configuration but, System 50 Trio aluminium structure components can of course easily be re configured to create a different sized star line or even an exhibition stand. All Coker Expo lighting truss components are Tuv rated, this is a very highly respected European standard certificate.

A good sized outdoor event race start line, finish line, in our system 50 trio truss. We would suggest that with outdoor banners in windy conditions mesh pvc is advisable to allow some wind pressure to flow through the media. Expect 2 - 3 men to be required to set up this race start line however only a mallet is required, no spanners to erect this fast assembly precession system. This truss system utilises spigot and pin with a solid conical fitting precisely into machined ends sockets on the gantry sections, this facilitates the quick set up and take down with unparalleled rigidity and strength.

The longest section in this particular build is a 2M beam, this is for ease of transport and compact storage. We can use shorter or longer sections dependant on customer needs and budgets.

  • 6M Wide 4M High
  • Stable Bridge
  • Rapid Errection
  • Perfect For Advertising
  • Banner Stand
  • Lighting stand

Overall dimensions are 6m x 4m high and the support legs extend 2.5m from front to rear. Please bear in mind that additional weighting down and or guy roping may be required depending on the weather conditions and the surface it is standing up upon.

Price is not including banners or lighting which are also available from Coker Expo

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