4x4M trio Lighting truss stand - System 50 Trio Lighting Truss 4m x 4m

System 50 Trio Lighting Truss 4m x 4m

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System 50 Trio Lighting Truss 4m x 4m

Substantial strength 50mm tri-tube aluminium truss display system quick fit.

This example is 4M x 4M x3 Metres high. Utilising 50mm Trio Gantry with Quick fit conicals. No need for spanners to build this exhibition stand. Its fast and easy to build and can be re configured to a multitude of sizes as required, once you have a stand like this its the perfect building block for lighting banners and exhibition furniture. System 50 trio lighting truss, 4m x 4m x 3m high. System 50 as most other gantry stands enjoys the flexibility to be a different size configuration from show to show. 50mm diameter aluminium lighting truss systems can be used indoor and outdoors for events.


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