Turntables 0-50 Kilos

Display turntables and drive motors for revolving displays and smaller rotating promotional applications from a few grammes up to 50 kilos in weight. We offer units that are battery operated and mains powered, most of which of which are held in stock. The units are rated in Kilos for balanced concentric loads but please note the size of your display can affect the torque on the turntable bearing by many times so requiring a much larger weight capacity turntable for the application. The load also needs to be balanced so please consider counter weights if necessary. We suggest you purchase a sample and test your particular revolving display well, prior to quantity orders.

All of our mains power turntables are fitted with safety clutches to comply with EC regulations. Display turntables must not be rotated manually as this can damage the gears, if your display is in a public area this can happen.

Please discuss your actual application, advice is free at Coker Exhibition Systems so call 01256 766234. Click here for over 50 Kilos

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