Small Electric motor, BM1 Battery Display drive.
Small Electric motor, BM1 Battery Display drive. thumbnail
Small Electric motor, BM1 Battery Display drive. thumbnail

Small Electric motor, BM1 Battery Display drive.

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BM1 Battery Display drive for low weight, small items.

Our most versatile lightweight battery powered turntable or display drive unit. This unit is for very lightweight use please read more information. The basic drive's unit can be fitted with a variety of battery holders which allow longevity or speed increasing by 2 and 3 times. This suits a multitude of display purposes, the operating speeds will alter with different battery combinations, Battery holders available extras please select single or double options. Note the battery holders need to be wired (solder terminals) to the the drive motor this can be from the side or bottom of the unit.

The single battery holder will give a standard speed of 0.7Rpm but this can be increased as per the following: BM1/0.7 rpm 1 battery, 1.5 rpm with two batteries and 2.3Rpm with three batteries wired in series to increase the voltage. Batteries used are "D" Cells. Batteries can also be wired in parallel to increase the longevity as required.


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