CS0_1.5 heavy rotating display duty turntable - CS01.5 turntable for rotating loads up to 1500 kilos
CS0_1.5 heavy duty revolving display turntable - CS01.5 turntable for rotating loads up to 1500 kilos

CS01.5 turntable for rotating loads up to 1500 kilos

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CS01.5 Heavy duty turntable 1 rpm clock wise revolution with belt drive

1 rpm clock wise revolution - belt drive

Add extending support bars for 2m diameter decks

CS01.5 Heavy duty turntable for large revolving displays, this display turntable can rotate loads up to 1500 kilos, thats a motor cycle or small car. This belt drive, mains powered display turntable unit with a turn plate of 980mm square, the CS01.5 carries a maximum centric load of 1500 Kilos. This motor drive has a total height of 205mm, is fitted with a mains cable length of 2M. Its Rotating speed is 1.0 RPM, rotating in a clockwise direction and is a very quiet operation. The turntable is belt drive and is also fitted with a friction slipping clutch to meet EU health and safety standards. 220-240V - 8 amp draw.

A powerful tapered roller bearing supports against the large warping power associated with larger deck installations. The footprint of this turntable is 860mm square. This heavy duty display drive uses a asynchronous gear motor: (torque 25 Nm), power consumption approx. 130w. Its slip ring (16amp) is embedded and protected at the inside or outer edge of the turn plate. This display drive motor is also rated for external use to IP53 standard.

A large turntable as this is well suited to applications in exhibitions, trade show events and showrooms, with the addition of optional extending support arms your can gain a supporting cradle of 2m diameter proportions.

A speed convertor is available for this turntable but it will interrupt the slip ring power supply to making it non usable.

This turntable drive unit comes in a galvanised finish and weights 100 kilos, it ships in a packing case - approx 92 kilo's. Supply time on these large display turntable units is approx 3 weeks.

Please discuss your needs with our specialists, you may be asked to send a drawing with dimensions and weight calculation for your application, 01256 768178.

A range of custom options are offered with this unit by quotation please see the Pdf.


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