CS03 heavy duty turntable, up to 3000kg loads.
CS03 heavy duty turntable, up to 3000kg loads. thumbnail
CS03 heavy duty turntable, up to 3000kg loads. thumbnail
CS03 heavy duty turntable, up to 3000kg loads. thumbnail

CS03 heavy duty turntable, up to 3000kg loads.

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CS03 Turntable motor

Rotate large heavy displays

The CS03 large display turntable motor drive unit has a 1250mm turning plate and is a belt drive display turntable. This drive motor stands at 230mm high and will rotate loads up to 3000 kilos at 1.0 RPM in a clock wise direction.

The turntable is for horizontal use only, motor power 130 Watts. A large welded rotary joint (Ø 800 mm) gives supports against big warping power that comes with large secondary deck installations. This display drive uses a asynchronous Gear Motor, power consumption approx 180w. It is fitted with a slip ring to allow power supply to a 3rd party item sitting atop the drive unit, 220-240V up to 16amps. Rated as IP53 so can be used for appropriate external applications as well as indoor events and showroom needs.

This turntables weight is 400 Kilos and is supplied in a transit case for its protection during delivery.

Again as with all turntables you must consider the proportions of your display or product. The height of the item that you are revolving has a huge bearing on the weight load of a turntable. The load must be balanced and concentric, this may mean that counter balancing is required.

We can also supply additional extension bars, a kit of six, to support your secondary display plate, to a a maximum of 4m diameter. There is also available as an option a speed regulatory at additional cost, note that this works by interrupting the cycles and so will stop the slip ring from working correctly.

Please discuss your needs with our specialists, you may be asked to send a drawing with dimensions and weight calculation for your application, 01256 768178.

Expect 1 month supply times.


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