Display turntable, for up to a 750 kilo load, 4 Models Indoor and outdoor.

CEU 7500 turntable 750kgs

The CEU 7500 Rotating Display Stand.


When creating any rotating display stand it is important to consider the dead weight and the size of the display. The display size is very important and the load must be a balanced load to ensure the unit works properly, providing this is given due consideration the rotating display stand will provide intrinsic interest in the display which should result in increased sales and product awareness.

The CEU 7500 is a heavy duty turntable made in steel to be very robust. It has a hole through the centre plate of 42mm diameter, this can be used to insert a rod or hollow tube which could provide support for a stationary deck for example. Outdoor model rated at IPx3, needs protection from water spray and standing water.

  • 4 Models are available, indoor, outdoor, with and without power rings.
  • Available with slip rings for illumination 4 amps or 8 amps by special order
  • Turn plate 400mm
  • Max centric load 750Kg
  • Total height 125mm
  • Cable length 2M
  • 220-240V or 115V Possible
  • Rotating speed 1RPM
  • Rotates clockwise
  • Very quiet operation
  • Slipping clutch for safety only
  • Stop time operation possible
  • Mains Powered

Lead time 10 days

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