Heavy duty turntable for loads up to 500 kilos, CEU5000.

CEU5000 turntable 500kg

Turntables to rotate 500kg loads, indoor and outdoor drive motors.


The CEU5000 is a well built heavy duty turntable for applications that go up to the huge weight load of 500 kilos. All rotating displays must be centrally balanced, consider counter balancing if yours is not. Remember that a large secondary turn plate or a high object being displayed actually causes torque and in effect acts as additional weight, all of this needs considering when calculating your probable weight load.

There are 4 Models available to order and supply time is around 8 days. There are options available with slip rings for powering of 3rd party items placed upon the turntable, 4 amps or 8 amps (Special) or without slip rings. Our turntable drive motors are offered with indoor or outdoor choices. Note: Outdoor units must still be protected from spray and standing water, rated IPx3.

Turn plate 400mm Max centric load 500Kg Total height 125mm Cable length 2M 220-240V Rotating speed 1RPM Rotates clockwise Drive motor draws 15.5W Very quiet operation Slipping clutch for safety only Stop time operation possible Mains Powered

Feel free to discuss your application with ourselves, 01256 768178.

Supplementary hanging device
Stop and reverse function (See Video)
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