Rotating display stand with graphics panels
Rotating display stand with graphics panels20 kilo display turntable drive motor

Rotating display stand with graphic sign board.

Rotating display stand

Rotating flat display board 1800 x 600mm on a TTC200sr.


Double sided "A frame" style rotating display stand made with aluminium composite panels, not so portable but will remain flat in all atmospheres fitted to a TTC200sr turn table with special custom deck. The double sided graphics display boards are 600mm x 1.8M double in dimensions. A rotating display stands will draw more interest in your brand and products as it revolving will catch the eye and create greater interest in your display stand. If a larger turntable was used we the panels can be increased in size, ask for a quotation.

A rotating display stand as this will take about 10 days to produce. If you have an idea for any rotating display stand feel free to contact us and discuss your needs, we will always try to help, 01256 768178.

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