250mm diameter white turntable for 30 kilos loads
250mm diameter white turntable for 30 kilos loadsTT30 revolving display turntableTT30 revolving display turntable

Turntable for revolving display applications.

TT30 revolving display turntable


Up to 30kg load capability.


The TT30 revolving display display turntable has an operation speed of approximately 1.1RPM. This mains operated display turntable can rotate a maximum balanced flat load of up 30 Kilos. The unit will operate in either clockwise or anti - clock wise direction, selected by alternately switching the unit on and off, 4 watt draw..

Objects displayed upon the turntable should be balanced weights and off appropriate size to the unit, we are here to help if you wish to discuss your application, 01256 768178.

Dimension are 250mm diameter x 60mm high for this rotating drive unit, weight of 1.25KGS.

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