Fitted woeld map wallpaper
Fitted woeld map wallpaperdesigning custom wallpaperFitting custom printed wallpaperMap wallpaper

MAPS digital printed vinyl and paper for offices showroom shops and exhibitions.

Map wallpaper

Map wallpaper from : (Per square metre)


Map wallpaper. We can provide sharp digital images of specific towns counties suitable for sales operations education or general interest. Map wallpaper bespoke printing self adhesive or ready pasted bespoke size wall maps, the world or your local town

We can also create artwork and scale it to fit your own wall or display area.

Prices are per square Metre

Please feel free to call us for help or a quote.

Here is a Useful Image Library from Fotolia - just to get you going!

Fotolia Image Library (click here then select to 'return to fotolia', as shown in the image)

Please select requesting a vector image filter first! This will allow endless enlargement without loss of clarity as the shapes are stored within the files as shapes and not bitmaps or pixels Image Library (Fotolia)

If you give us your wall size and tell us what map you need we can search and provide the image you require we will also send a sample of the finished work so you can see for yourself just how good the results will be!

Please upload your images directly to us by clicking here!

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