A2 posters on suspended wires in a free standing display framework

Wire suspended display frames for posters

Wire suspended poster display frames

2x A2 acrylics Code CFR7592A2


Suspended wire display kit set within an aluminium frame with 2 options for steel base plates and 50mm diameter uprights with flat horizontal bars. A high quality free standing display frame work that fits together with a quick and simple allen key connection. The physical size of this information display Stand size is 850mm x 1980mm.

You are Supplied with two A2 double sided acrylic poster pockets that with connect to the suspended wires via clever little grips or clamps. Tension your wire at top and bottom to keep the wire taught and achieve the very best poster presentation. A proven solution for information window displays and advertising in public areas.

Need a more custom acrylic set up for your personal needs, call for a quote 01256 768178.

Base plate option
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