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Exhibition and Retail Lighting

Set the mood or atmosphere you are looking for to complement your display and enhance the overall feel of your stand or display.


Illuminate and captivate.

Harness the power of strategic lighting to complement your displays, elevating the ambience of your exhibition stand or retail space. At Coker Expo, our expansive range of indoor and outdoor exhibition lighting evolves with the industry's pace. From diverse product selections to user-friendly daisy chain connectors, our solutions simplify installation, transforming it from a chore to a delight.

The right type of lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall atmosphere and visual impact of exhibition, event, and retail environments. Whether it's showcasing products on an e-commerce site or creating captivating displays in physical spaces, choosing the appropriate lighting can significantly influence customer experiences and ultimately drive sales.

Track Lighting

Track Lighting

Experience the versatility of track lighting. Adapt and adjust fittings to shine precisely where needed, adding depth and dimension to your displays.

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The Evolving World of Exhibition Lighting

Whether your product demands the warmth of intimate lighting or the allure of mixed tones, modern LED technology ensures comfort without compromising vibrancy. With features like polished can lights and barn doors bring theatrical elegance to your display. Remember, in the world of exhibitions, brilliance is rarely excessive.

Coker Expo | Display Lights

Display Lights

Dive into various display lighting choices, from vibrant LEDs and classic Halogens to mesmerising RGB colour shifts. Ideal for exhibition stands, retail showcases, and premium showrooms.

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Expertise & Guidance: Lighting Done Right

Ever witnessed an overpoweringly bright show? The opposite, a dimly lit stand, is equally detrimental. Trust Coker Expo's expertise, spanning clamp lights to LED bulbs, to strike the perfect balance. Our team in Hook, Hampshire, stands ready to guide your lighting journey, recommending systems and connectors tailored to your vision.

Lighting Leads

Lighting Leads

Lighting cable solutions for exhibition stands and display systems. The plug and play connector works particularly well with exhibition lighting fixtures, it normally allows one run of lights to be rapidly connected as a lighting system.

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Lighting Beyond Functionality

Lighting isn't just functional; it's transformative. The right light can encapsulate your brand's essence, enhancing your exhibition stand's allure. From bespoke track lighting for retail exhibitions to weather-resistant options for outdoor ventures, our product range is extensive. And if connectors or leads are on your list, we've got you covered.

Trio lighting gantry corner connected

Lighting Truss

Discover our premium Gantry and truss systems—TUV-certified, aluminium alloy construction for exceptional strength. Perfect for use in shops, showrooms, airports, shows, and events, our Lighting Truss supports your lighting rigs and enhances your display environment. Let us light up your brand today.

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Connect With Coker Expo

Your vision deserves to be in the spotlight. Let's ensure it never dims. For personalised advice on sculpting the perfect lighting atmosphere for your exhibition stand, reach us at 01256 768178. We promise, with Coker Expo, you'll never be left in the shadows.

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