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Notice Boards and Menu Cases

Supreme Quality Indoor and Outdoor Notice Boards and Cases

Notice Boards and Menu Cases

Whether it's for a bustling office, a dynamic educational institution, or a community centre, having a centralised space for announcements, updates, and information is essential. Coker Expo's range of notice boards offers just that – a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style. Crafted with precision, each board is designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that your messages stand out and remain protected.

Our collection boasts a variety of designs, from lockable notice boards for added security to elegantly crafted ones that complement any interior décor. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these boards are robust, easy to install, and designed for longevity. With Coker Expo, you're not just investing in a notice board; you're investing in a reliable communication tool that promises to serve you for years to come.

Notice Boards 30mm

Notice Boards 30mm

Max widths of 1400mm the smaller frames accommodate all budgets.

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The Ranges each have different profile depths which are 30mm, 58mm and 75mm. The portrait hung doors can be reversed left or right hinging. All units are lockable and come with 2 keys.

The back panels are powder coated steel and magnet friendly to comply with health and safety (no pins) the units are supplied with magnets 1 per A4. We can also supply magnetic tape if you want to display without fixings showing.

Notice Boards 58mm

Notice Boards 58mm

Smaller notice boards do not require such a deep frame. Ideal for simpler notice board displays that dont span larger distances.

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In today's fast-paced world, ensuring your message stands out is crucial. With Coker Expo's Notice Boards, guarantee your announcements, promotions, and menus capture attention, day or night.

From community announcements to restaurant menus, our notice boards ensure your message remains visible, protected, and impressive.

Notice Boards 75mm

Notice Boards 75mm

For large installations approaching 2m wide these frames are the strongest on the market

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Menu Cases with LED lighting

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