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Turntables for Dynamic Presentations

Elevate your presentation with our diverse range, from mains to battery-powered display motors, tailored for events, retail, exhibitions, trade shows, and product displays.


Catering to bustling exhibitions and events, business hubs, and trade hotspots, Coker Expo brings a vast collection of motorised turntables. Elevate Your Display with Innovative Turntable Solutions. At Coker Expo, we are your trusted partners for Turntables, Revolving Platforms, and Sign Rotators.

Whether you're aiming for a sophisticated indoor setup or a sturdy outdoor display, our rotating platforms are crafted to meet all needs. We're not just about selling – we're about integrating value into every presentation, every product, every brand story.

Lightweight Turntables (0KG to 50KG)

Lightweight Turntables (0KG to 50KG)

Discover our battery or mains-powered turntables, engineered for flexibility and efficiency. Ideal for dynamic presentations, their robust build ensures an impressive product showcase without stretching your budget. From shop windows to trade shows, their adaptability knows no bounds.

Turntables up to 50KG

With a capacity ranging from mere grams to a massive 3000 Kilos, our turntables suit diverse needs.

Safety remains paramount as all our units come equipped with E.C.-mandated safety clutches. Note: Our turntables rotate at pre-set speeds, clockwise. If you're contemplating a custom rotating display, several considerations come into play – the turntable's diameter, height, weight capacity, desired rotation speed, and torque effect. A grand display can amplify the weight, making choice crucial.

Turntables 50KG plus

Turntables 50KG plus

Elevate your presentation with our mains-operated turntables, crafted for performance and longevity. Suitable for diverse setups – standing, hanging, or wall-mounted, they're the choice of brands across the UK. Where power is paramount, our turntables come with a slip ring, all reinforced with robust ball bearings and a safety clutch for unmatched reliability.

Turntables 50KG upwards

With Coker Expo, customisation takes centre stage. Choose from features like stop-start motion, alternate speed, oscillation, and anti-clockwise revolution. Need assistance or bespoke advice? We're a call away, ready to make your vision come to life.

Rotating Displays

Rotating Displays

Rotation captivates! Amplify brand recognition and sales with our revolving displays. Perfect for retail windows, showrooms, and exhibitions, they transcend product showcase boundaries. Integrate them with lightboxes or graphic displays for a riveting visual narrative.

Revolving Displays

Connect With Coker Expo

Important: External factors, be it outdoor wind force, eccentric setups, or public interactions, can influence the load capacity. We recommend a consultation to ensure a secure and seamless solution. For comprehensive insights on Coker Expo's exhibition rotating displays, reach us at 01256 768178.

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