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How creative use of lighting can transform your exhibition stand

How creative use of lighting can transform your exhibition stand

The purpose of every exhibition stand is to attract as many of the right visitors as possible. If you exhibition stand is dull and does not stand out, then you will not attract visitors. You need to have the right lighting so that your brand identity and your message stand out to your audience.

There are many lighting solutions, so it is important that you start considering this at the design stage. Getting the right design input at an early stage will save money and effort later.

Let’s look at a few of the areas that you might want to consider in your lighting design.

Exhibition Stand lighting can set the mood

What atmosphere do you want to create on your stand. If you are seeking a warm environment, then you should consider dimmer lighting that conveys a warmer feeling. In contrast if you are trying to convey a livelier impression, then brighter lights will tend to work better.

Whatever you choose, you want to give a professional image which conveys your brand identity. It is a good idea to consider asking a professional about lighting at the design stage, so you end up with the desired results.

Types of exhibition lighting to consider

There is a wide variety of exhibition lighting available, and they can be combined in multitude of ways. Let’s look at some of the options available to you.

Spotlights- Spotlights are a relatively small and compact way to use lighting on your exhibition stand. They can be used to highlight the key parts of your exhibition stand to great effect. Because of their compact size, they should not block out any visibility of anything important.

Display Lights- This is lighting used to help illuminate the graphics on your stand. They include LED and Halogen and RGB colour changing lighting systems. You can choose from over 16 million different RGB colours which gives you an incredible level of choice. Display lights can be low energy and are perfect for showing off your products.

Banner Lights- These are usually based on LED lighting behind the exhibition which give a glow to the stand. They are small and compact and can combine well with spotlights and display lights.

Lighting Truss – A lighting truss is a framework that can be used to support a range of lighting and other equipment. You can add varying forms of exhibition lighting to the frame and create some interesting lighting designs. From a budget point of view, you could consider renting the lighting truss rather than buying it outright.

Hue boxes- Hue Boxes are a new unique way to attract attention. They offer a huge versatility of light and animation to catch the attention of your target audience. Have a look at Hue Box if you want to find out more

Add a turntable to your lighting plans

Adding one or more turntables to your design can open a lot of interesting possibilities. Consider using the moving light to highlight your main message. It is very busy in exhibition halls, so you want to make sure that visitors see your stand and your message.

You can also read our blog entitled ‘Why light and movement will elevate your exhibition stand’ for some more ideas on lighting and movement.

Lighting is an essential part of an exhibition stand

If you want an exhibition stand that stands out, you should be considering how lighting can help you to achieve this right from the start.

If you need help with making the right decisions at the design stage or later on feel free to get in touch with us at Coker Expo where we have the experience and know how to help.

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