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Animated Backlit Tension Fabric Display Lightbox (HBL)

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HueBox Lite Animated Backlit Tension Fabric Display Lightbox (HBL): Where Technology Meets Elegance

The Animated Backlit Tension Fabric Display Lightbox HueBox Lite (HBL) is an immersive experience that lights up your brand. HueBox is the world's most dynamic programmable LED lightbox system. Capturing attention by coming to life through light and sound to reveal a hidden side, a new dimension or highlight of a product feature, driving drama and intrigue to immerse your customers in your brand or product. 

Key Features:

  • Versatile Display Options: From wall-hanging or freestanding to suspended setups, we offer a range of display choices.
  • Modular Design: Built with the HueBox modular display system, allowing for size and animation capabilities upgrades.
  • Easy Graphic Change: Features a modular 120mm aluminium profile, enabling hand-changeable silicone edge graphics.
  • Limitless Dimensions: Limited only by a print width of 2.47m, with no length restrictions.

Specifications and Details:

  • Material: 120mm aluminium frame, stretch fabric and latex ink.
  • Graphics: Silicone edge graphics, easily changeable by hand.
  • Internal Lighting: Animated Backlit White LEDs spaced 4cm apart.
  • Design Flexibility: This can be used to dress gantry/truss systems and can be lit externally and internally, depending on the chosen design.
  • Ink Technology: Uses certified Latex eco-friendly ink for vibrant and environmentally conscious prints.


Artwork Files: To ensure the highest quality of your prints, please follow these guidelines -

Versatility: The Animated Backlit Tension Fabric Display Lightbox (HBL) is more than just a lightbox; it's a versatile display solution. Lighting scenes using dynamic LED lightboxes can be changed by updating the program to deliver the desired effect. They can powerfully complement any interior design or colour scheme to deliver a stunning promotional experience. Its modular design ensures you can start with a basic frame and upgrade as required, ensuring a future-proof solution.

Programmable LED Lightboxes for the 21st Century: HueBox can be easily programmed using a portable memory card and controller unit. This allows thousands of individually controllable LEDs to display professionally animated video loops of your product, brand or message, with or without sound.

Artwork Guidelines: add 10mm bleed around each edge at 100% and any important information/logos placed at least 60mm from the edge of the visible graphic area in the safe area.

Why choose Coker Expo's HBL Animated Backlit Tension Fabric Display Lightbox? When you opt for the HBBL, you invest in a cutting-edge display solution that promises to "turn on attention." With its unique combination of light and vibrant prints, the HueBox is a testament to Coker Expo's commitment to innovation and excellence.



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