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Aluminium modular display stand.

Aluminium modular display stand.

At all exhibitions and trade shows you will be required by the show organizers to define your floor area from those that are around you.

this basically means that unless you have taken an island stand and have access from all sides a wall or barrier is required to segregate you from your neighbours.

Two simple solutions to achieve such a divide are lighting truss systems and aluminium modular displays.

With a truss system you will be able to design an eye catching structure, add lighting to illuminate your floor area and large banners to achieve your walls.

With an aluminium modular profile system, we can create an impressive design, graphics boards are set within the profile apertures and lighting set in the locations it is required.

The image above was actually a combination using both truss to carry the lighting and an aluminium modular frame work work with inset panels to achieve the back walls.

Both methods are very popular an invariably it is the preference for a certain method of graphics that sways a decision, pcv banner, fabric graphics or solid graphics board.

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