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Custom Display Plinth

Custom Display Plinth

The custom display plinth as it suggests is a bespoke size plinth or pedestal to your specific requirements. We have a range of standard display plinth sizes and heights, these can be altered to match you required size, but do allow you an idea of what is achievable with the materials that we use. Very often a display plinth is merely to place  a piece of art or a product upon whilst a promotion or sale is running, but if you are looking for some thing that is suitable for a trade show or exhibition event the idea of branding your plinth has got to appeal. The plinth is made is made from Mdf, the top having a beech laminate applied to it as standard, other colours are possible even your company logo which is very popular should you so require. The display plinth is assembled within minutes thanks to its simple design, the units strength comes form the aluminium poles that give the plinths there structure and hold it them together. A few bolts that only need to be wound in to finger tight levels means no need for tools, simplicity indeed. The poles have velcro applied to them and it is to this that the panels which form the sides are pressed too giving the final result, a display plinth bespoke to your very own requirements. We are able to apply digital printed graphics to the panels used in the construction of these graphique plinths and pedestals, just send your prepared file and we can supply your finished plinth in a week. If you would like a quote on a project you have in the pipe line just lets us know your required size and we will quote, poste haste.
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