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Display plinth set.

Display plinth set.

Display plinths come in all shapes, sizes and finishes, here is some thing that we rate as very special indeed, a multiple height plinth set that features crescents along with a fantastic aluminum laminated finish. Physique style plinths work thanks to a clever idea to route Mdf and enable it to roll up, a small V slot is cut into the panel just enough to allow it to be plyable, this makes them portable and easy to transport. The Mdf sheets are laminated with high quality thin sheets of brushed finish aluminum giving a very high end and appealing look. We are able to manufacture these plinth units to custom dimensions if so required, but do offer standard ranges of 400mm diameter, 600mm dia and a huge 750mm dia. Our tops are thermoform laminated in a range of finishes, beech is the most popular by far, but we can also offer black and silver too, it is also possible to rout logos into the surface too. The tambour wraps can also be produced in a wide variety of fabric colours to allow velcro fixing of secondary items or graphics. A very smart beech effect laminated wrap is also available, industrial strength velcro fastner tapes mean no tools are required for assembly of these plinth sets either. These Multi height plinths are great for exhibitions and trade shows, they assemble and pack down very quickly, just as is required at any event when time is precious. Ideal for product display at any event or in a show room, able to carry high weight loads, up to 60kgs, thanks to the load spreading through the structures foot print. We can also supply canvas carry bags and polypropylene transit cases too enable easier transportation and afford greater protection than card board packaging and bubble wrap. All our physique range of display plinths have a 5 year manufacturers warranty as standard.  
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