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Dressing your exhibition stand

Dressing your exhibition stand

Over all the years of setting up exhibition gantry and lighting truss systems it has become very apparent that it is not the assembly of the trussing,

but the dressing of the stand that takes up all of your valuable time.

You can pretty much be assured that you will spent at least the same amount of time adding all the whistles and bells to your display, if not a bit longer.

You need to consider the fixing in place and cabling of your lighting system, any AV equipment such as screens or projectors.

The fixing in place of any signage and backdrop banners to create your divides or walling.

Then you may well have shelving, literature racks, display counters or plinths to set up, all this is before any product is placed in position.

All of this has to be time managed as best as possible, carpets in first, the delivery and set up of the trussing, then the furniture and your product.

The more you plan ahead for your set up day the easier it will flow and come together, enabling you'll even enjoy it as the finish display comes into being.

As always the best part of the day is stepping back and seeing a job well done, a stand to impress those prospective clients, bring on the event.

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