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Events and Exhibitions - Electrics and Flooring

Events and Exhibitions - Electrics and Flooring

There is always a huge amount going on at exhibitions and events on the set up days allotted by each venue.

Arranging for contractors to set up your exhibition stand, carpets to be laid, electricians to lay wiring and product deliveries is always time consuming and some times a little fraught.

The above shows a stand part way through completion at Hotelympia, an Excel event.

Note the protective covering put down across the carpet, always advisable as this carpet went down on day one, when we attended the following day to continue the construction a small heard of elephants had passed over it, had it no been protected it would already have been ruined prior to the event even opening.

When you order an exhibition carpet for fitting always check that it will have a protective plastic cover.

Now to electrics, always get ahead of the game, do not order your sockets on the day of set up the venue will charge you more.

Supply a detailed plan of where each socket is to be sited and it's wattage.

On your set up day do not leaving asking for the electricians to attend your stand to the last minute, a 2 hour wait is not so unusual, with hundreds of exhibitors it is no surprise really.

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