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Exhibition stand contractors

Exhibition stand contractors

We can provide exhibition stand contractors to set up the lighting truss and aluminium gantry structures.

We can offer lighting truss and gantry systems with lighting rigs for hire and rental.

If you do not wish to spend the time setting up a trussing system prior to the event and then taking it down we can provide that service with our exhibition contractors service.

Friendly and reliable staff will take care of the manual labour side of your exhibition or event leaving you the time to set up your product displays and arrange the finer points of your display area.

If your time can be better spent on the aesthetics of dressing your exhibition stand allow us to supply the trussing, lighting and muscle power.

Our contracting team will also take care of the logistics of getting the gear to and from the event, now is that a weight off your shoulders.

Equally if you are considering a lighting truss purchase why ask our team to aid you on the first set up!

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