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Free standing information display.

Free standing information display.

The freestanding cable display frame is an ideal way to create a very professional promotional or publicity display.

These smart and adaptable aluminium frame works can have either cable displays or rods fitted to them which ever you prefer the look of.

There are also options for bases plates, but round is the standard style.

These systems although comprising of many components are still fairly easy to assemble and instruction sheets are available to aid you.

When once frame is made, lock in your cables and now put your attachment fittings into the approximate locations on the cables.

Lastly  place your acrylic pockets or poster holders into there locations and refine the spacings as required.

You could also place shelving into a framework as this, the real beauty of these freestanding displays is adaptability, who knows what is needed next month.

Cable displays are very strong and have  a weight loading capability of 120 kilos if you need something stronger the opt for rods.

Free standing displays such as these are ideal in public venues for promotional materials but also really look the business in the retail sector on the shop floor or even a showroom.

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