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Graphics Display Panel

Graphics Display Panel

Fabric graphics are becoming more and more popular, the colour ranges achievable and depth of saturation improve year on year.

With the addition of new printing technologies and even better more receptive fabric and canvas medias the future for more and more print work looks silky.

Whether your looking for a small display, a banner stand or an enormous backdrop banner a frame work or stand that incorporates a fabric banner needs to be considered.

The display stand above consists of a simple aluminum structure with a clever extrusion, a small channel around its edge to receive the fabric banner.

Once the digital graphic has been printed a small seal is sewn to the edge of the banner, when the banner is held up the the framework the seal is pressed into the profile and holds fast.

Simply work around the whole framework feeding in the seal, feeding in a little more here and there to tension the fabric and make it all taught within the extrusion.

It really does not matter  if the display stand is huge or small the principle is the same and it will go up with ease.

The aluminum extrusions will slide together and lock to one another with a small allen key fitting, within a few minutes the framework will be assembled and ready for dressing.

We can also make these display systems double sided so you could have a 360 degree display stand, impressive and eye catching.

These systems are the future and worth keeping an eye on and more people take it up costs will reduce as with everything.

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