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LED lighting for exhibitions.

LED lighting for exhibitions.

LED lights are being incorporated in ever greater numbers at exhibitions and trade shows.
Lighting output levels are now very acceptable for the high financial outlay that some led lighting fixtures are to purchase.
Because Led lights draw a lot less power than traditional lighting units the power costs at exhibition halls and trades shows can now be greatly reduced,
this is where over future events you will make back your outlay for the lighting fixtures.
I would suggest that if anyone exhibiting at an event was asked what costs they would like to reduce at an event, it would be there power supply expenditure.
We are now able to offer a range of led units that can output a bright white light, this enables us to light an entire exhibition stand with only LED lighting fixtures,
previously a mixture including either halogen or halide would have been a consideration.
In the past we would have advocated a mix of either halides or halogens to go with them to ensure a bright enough level of illumination for a trade show event.
Some of the UK'S older exhibition halls and venues are actually very dark and if you wish to light your exhibition stand to its best then you will need a fair few lights
depending on the fixtures wattage and the type of bulb.
Led lighting is ideal to put a colour cast on to trussing systems or across walling displays and back drop structures to get a mood or feeling across to the viewer.
Effects lighting is still the normal usage for led lights, the old methods of par cans with halogen bulbs or fluorescent tubes and coloured gels just will not cut it these days.
We are also incorporating Led lights in to our slimline light boxes, display plinths and exhibition furniture as an enhancement feature to catch the eye of passers by.
With the addition of a small section of rope light or led strip added to the edge of a piece of exhibition furniture you can lift your exhibition counter above the rest,
and shine out from the crowd.
If you need a little help or advice on bringing Led lighting into your exhibition stand or display system please do contact us.
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