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Lighting for cable displays

Lighting for cable displays

When it comes to cable displays very often the illumination is forgotten.

We offer low voltage halogen and now Led lighting fixtures, some can fix directly to the cables, some to a horizontal rod fitted between the cables.

If you have a nice publicity image at the top of your freestanding display then surely the finishing touch is a light.

If your room or area that the display is to stand in is dark and gloomy then how will someone see and read your posters properly.

These lighting fixtures are low voltage, a transformer sits under the frame work, the power supply connecting and running up the two cables.

If you are displaying product on shelves then we can fit a light besides each shelf directly to the cable.

Lighting your product will ensure it is seen at its very best and entice people over to better inspect your products, increasing sales.

Freestanding cable displays with lighting kits can take a week to supply so please allow for this when planning for your event or venue opening.

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