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Lighting safety wires

Lighting safety wires

It is without doubt the most important safety element with any heavy exhibition lighting kit used at events and trade shows, the safety cable or safety wire.

I am sure that if you were walking under a lighting fixture that weighed 3.0 kilos or more and it was 2m plus above your head you would like to know that it

was secured by a second means, just in case.

Lighting clamps come in various styles and some are better than others, we would only advise a fully enclosing clamp for heavy lights.

Even a lighter weight aluminum parcan can cause considerable harm if dropped from a 2m height, now consider the insurance liability and cost of a claim.

Do you think it is worth the risk or the publicity, safety is paramount.

We would suggest that with all of our gantry lights you purchase a safety wire, they can restrain a weight of 25 kgs.

The cables are 3mm steel wire, 500mm long and use a snap link for quick usage, so time of fitting is no excuse not to invest in safety.

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