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Lighting truss for car shows

Lighting truss for car shows

By far the easiest and simplest solution for configuring lighting at any car show is to install a lighting truss rig.

These eye catching and adaptable modular systems are perfect for carrying lighting fixtures to illuminate any vehicles on the main floor area and the surrounding walls or displays.

A good height for lighting a vehicle would be ether 3m or 3,5m high enabling the lighting to be angled down and across the exhibition floor area evenly lighting the cars.

We are able to offer exhibition lighting fixtures in either LED, halide, halogen and tungsten in various wattages.

If your trade show event is indoor then a truss system that uses either a 32 or 35mm diameter tube is ideal, decorative and load baring in one.

If you are looking to take part in eternal trade shows then you'll need a 50mm lighting truss to stand up to the elements.

We can offer lighting truss for purchase in Duo, Trio and Quad in tube weights of 32mm, 35mm and 50mm diameters.

We are able to offer a hire or truss rental service in our 32mm dia tube system Tio gantry system.

We only offer lighting truss systems that use a spigot and pin system, these are the quickest and easiest to set up and take down.

A solid aluminum conical sits within every truss section, this enables are very tight fit, high weight loading and a small deflection rate over long spans.

If you have a practical ability then you will be perfectly able to set up a trussing system, if how ever you require our contractors to set up and remove the truss system we can take care of this too.

We also have a showroom in Hook, Hampshire and welcome all visitors to show the systems and discuss any specialist requirements you may have.

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