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Lighting truss hire

Lighting truss hire

With the Economy on the restart it will not be to long hopefully before the exhibition halls are fully open and back to running frequent events as before pre Covid-19 times.

If your company is looking to back into the world of product promotion at events and shows around the Uk and Europe then please do consider lighting truss hire.

Cokerexpo have many years of experience offering lighting truss hire, providing systems for either self setup by a customer or installed and removed by our skilled team.

We offer Trio lighting truss for hire and are able to design a trussing structure to purpose suit your floor space at any event.

We are also able to supply any printed banners, carpeting, exhibition counters and plinths with your own branding applied.

If your would like a quote please do contact us with all your event details, we can then draw up your trussing structure and provide a full quote for what ever you wish.

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