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Lighting Truss Rental Service.

Lighting Truss Rental Service.

 If you have looked I am sure you are aware that the purchase of a trussing system can be a considerable expense.

A long with that goes the cost of any lighting system and then the warehousing or storage of the display system too.

It may well be  avery sensible and of course cheaper solution to look at the rental of a trussing system for the duration of your event, trade show or exhibition.

it may also allow you to assess your needs for a trussing solution, the stand size and the actual design or style.

You will also get the experience of putting up some trussing prior to any purchase should you then proceed along that route.

We also offer a delivery and installation service if you require contractors to take some of the graft out of your event.

After al it is nice to roll up and just dress the stand after all the labouring has been completed.

If you like the sound of a lighting truss rental service then please do think of us.

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