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Linking exhibition lights together

Linking exhibition lights together

Almost every lighting fixture supplied comes with a mains plug, if you are going to an exhibition or event do you really want a bunch of power sockets on the stand?

I would suggest no, as each one costs a fortune from the event organiser, but also means lots of cable all over your stand.

Venues are also getting tighter on the use of a multi socket extension lead to allow 4 or more units to be powered from one power point.

I would suggest also that if your exhibition lights are fitted with modern Led bulbs it makes it even more important and sense to power them from one socket.

Led bulbs draw so much less power than halogen or halide units, so many more can be power from a single socket.

The above diagram shows how we link a bunch of lights, no matter the type, all back to one power point on any exhibition stand.

Just by re-wiring the light with a special connector we can get rid of all those plugs and link them up in series using our daisy leads.

To cable up is easy, start from the end lighting fixture and work backwards to the plug.

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