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Olympia Exhibition Center to take place of Earls Court.

Olympia Exhibition Center to take place of Earls Court.

So it would seem the days of  Earls Court are truly numbered, Olympia rises to new heights with large scale investment, a massive refurbishment plan brings a new lease of life. The old Victorian building has just been a conservation award by a local Hammersmith Society for best refurbishment. In total a cool 30m has been spent on the various phases of this project and to cap it off, a new name too, Olympia Central. It would appear that EC&O whom also own Earls Court see Olympia as the best way forward in the future and may well have accepted the fate of there other venue  paving the way for the much needed area investment called for by some in the business community. What do you think? Can the other London exhibition venues pick up the lost trade shows and events or will these shows just head north and quit the big smoke.

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