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Transit cases for lighting truss.

Transit cases for lighting truss.

When it comes to moving the smaller sized trussing systems around and also storing them you may wish to consider a specialist transit case for truss.

Keeping everything stored in one place, packed and ready to go to your next event makes a lot of sense.

Other wise at each exhibition or event you can look forward to checking that each part is there once again, or risk arriving at a venue to find one section missing.

Wheeled transport cases may indeed be a bit of a luxury but then what is the cost of wasting a day having to return to your premises to get that missing junction.

I would only suggest that the small size truss tubes are suited to cases, diameters of 25mm, 32mm and 35mm once at 50mm the size and weight of a packed case

becomes unmanageable by hand to bump into a transit van and you'll be in need of a tail lift.

We offer a range of standard sizes, all are built to order and take about 2 weeks, but we can also offer custom sizes if so required.

These cases are made from ply, have foam lining, wrapped in tuff black pvc, have securing straps, handles (for steering not lifting) and locking steering wheels.

Transit cases are usually dispatch on a door to door carrier as many over night couriers will not handle large units as these.

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