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Truss hire for NEC Bike show

Truss hire for NEC Bike show

Here is a lighting truss stand that we have just installed and removed at the NEC bike show for a client Bike sure.

If you are looking for a company to take care of your truss installations and removals at an event in the UK then maybe we can help you too.

Bike sure was capable of taking care of the dressing of the exhibition stand, as you can see from the smart presentation of there display.

Better to leave the exhibition contractors to deal with the installation and removal of the lighting truss, it is what we do well.

This then allows a client to come in the day after the lighting truss is completely set up, including the lighting and graphics banners.

We can also take care of the production of any PVC banners of fabric graphics too, keeping it all in one house for ease of supply and organisation.

The bike show at the NEC is a yearly event and lasts for a week at the end of this we will come in again once you have cleared the exhibition stand of your kit and products.

It is much easier again for us to deal with the break down of the lighting truss rig than a client whom has been working hard at the event all day.

If you are considering the hire of a lighting truss system for an event at the NEC, EXCEL or OLYMPIA the please lets us quote.

We can offer a truss hire only service too if you wish to take care of the set up and take down yourselves.

Many thanks for Bike Sure for the photograph.

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