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Display and Exhibition Lighting LED Halogen Flood and Spotlights plus Easy Daisy Chain Connectors

An extensive range of exhibition lighting constantly being updated for indoor and outdoor events. Choose from a wide range of products, plug and play daisy chain connectors and link cables give complete exhibition lighting solutions which can be added to give headache free and fast installation a walk in the park.

Many lights are available in different colour temperatures to suit your particular product range, clothing may require warmer lighting than jewellery, glass and electrical products by way of example and some products will require mixed lighting for comfort. All lighting has in the past suffered from high heat output causing tiredness for the exhibitor and the potential customer but, today with the ever advancing technology of LED's it's possible to have the perfect balance which will add greatly to your sales potential. With polished can lights we can offer that theatrical experience, you can even add barn doors. Make your stand feel like a real show. One important thing to be aware of is that it's hard to overlight any display, have you ever been to a show that's too bright? You certainly don't want a dull stand!

Coker Expo has everything from clamp lights to track lights, halogen, LED and low voltage options for bulbs. We are happy to help to advise on the best lighting solution for your display or exhibition stand design. Generally exhibition lighting can be worked to suit your specific needs and we can recommend the required with a range of daisy cables to connect it all together.

Lighting is often the finishing touch that will create the ambience you are looking for to complement your branding and service offering and enhance the look of your exhibition stand. .

Please note we also supply track lighting designed especially for retail exhibition and display stands. Plus a range of plug and play connectors and leads. If you're venturing outside we have some IP rated lighting too.

We are happy to talk with our customers and provide a quotation we won't leave you in the dark. For information and advice on choosing the right exhibition lighting for your exhibition display stand, please call us on 01256 768178.

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LL03 Link up to 10 lights each 20 Watts! 4000K Linking Exhibition Lights

Swivel Head Long Reach downlight LL03 Linking Exhibition...£46.00

5m Daisy lighting link lead exhibition lighting.

5m Daisy lighting link lead Link lights with this lead.£7.00

15w Exhibition light, chrome finish GL38 with hasp.

Expo Can G38 LED Polished Gantry Light 15w Led, GL38 for...£75.00

Simple wiring solution for exhibitions, 2 way splitter block.

Daisy Splitter Block 2 way One in and two out daisy...£9.00

Daisy chain lighting system 2M lead male and female plugs

2M Daisy Lead Extension An 2m extension lead for daisy...£5.00

Twist and Tilt EDB 10W LED track spotlight with integral driver,

Led Track Light fitting Use up to 7 Units on 1 M track 4000...£16.00

BLACK LL03 Link up to 10 lights each 20 Watts! 4000K Linking Exhibition Lights

Black Linking Lights Swivel Head Long Reach downlight LL03...£45.00

Track Set -TWIST AND TILT LED 30W Bright Leds

1M EDB track with 3 30W Fittings 1M Lighting Track complete...£91.00

Exhibition lighting Link lead 1M

Daisy chain lighting 1m Linking Mains Lead A 1m linking...£5.00

Daisy chain 3 metre lighting extension lead cable.

Daisy chain 3 metre extension lead A 3m Daisy linking lead...£5.00

Mains lead to Daisy lighting, 5m.

Mains lead to Daisy lighting 5M 5m length.£9.00

Y splitter lead for daisy chain lighting circuits.

Y splitter lead for daisy chain lighting circuit Daisy...£7.00

RGB LED Power spot 3 mixed colour lighting.

RGB colour mix display light power spot 3 DMX and IEC...£115.00

RGB colour change lighting.

RGB colour change LED light Par18 Led colour mix ability.£148.00

G5 small spotlight, 5 Watts LED = 50 Watts Halogen.

G5 Polished aluminium spotlight LED Small Led spotlight for...£25.00

1M EDB track with 3 x 10W Fittings

1M eEDB Ttrack-with-3-10w LED-fittings 1M Lighting Track...£64.00

Twist and Tilt Led track lights, EDB30W High 18° light output, 30W.

LED Spotlights for lighting track Led track lighting, 18...£25.00

1m EDB White lighting track,

Lighting Track 1m White 1 M Track Coker ED Track Brand Our...£16.00

LL35 3500 Lumens 4000°K Link together

Linking display Light 35W Linking display Light 35W The...£77.00

Lighting Clamp with Bolt

Lighting Clamp with Bolt In every exhibition and display...£6.50

High Power 80W LED. COK80. High level very bright spotlight for showrooms

Silver Beam Spotlight TRI Colour Temperature in One Unit...£120.00

Clamp anywhere. Black Or Silver Options GU10 LED Cool white light

DL4 Display Light with clamp DL4 Display Light with clamp...£28.00

Tripod lighting stand to take 1-4 Lights complete with T Bar

Lighting Stand Tripod An extending tripod with a 32mm top...£125.00

Portable indoor display lighting stand

Lighting Tripod stand This lighting tripod is height...£140.00

RGB Par64 colour mix light fixture.

RGB Par64 Colour Mix Light DMX colour changing.£170.00

Led strip light for display walls.

Led display wall strip light Lighting for exhibition...£63.00

Swivel head Long arm Led exhibition flood light

Swivel Head Led exhibition flood light Low power cost for...£55.00

CLED-EXHIB-ARM Long arm LED exhibition and display light.

Led exhibition linking light CLED-EXHIB-ARM Led Long Arm...£67.00

Banner Stand light, Ciri.

Ciri Banner stand light LED 5w Led clip on banner light...£35.00

Narrow beam spotlight this one is for you at only 18° beam

Narrow Beam Spotlight LED Dual hasp, clamping or floor...£225.00

Effico 2 powerful LED display floodlight 4000 lumens.

Effico 2 White LED Floodlight Comparable to 500w halogen...£45.00

LED Floodlight, affordable, daylight Led lighting for exhibition stands

LED Floodlights 50W 100W 150W & 200W You can not over light...£47.00

LED Floodlight 10-50W for exhibition and display, White case units

30W LED Floodlight Now 10-50W Options Led light with hasp.£25.00

9.5W LED GL100 Polished aluminium display spotlight for lighting truss and gantry systems.

LED display spotlight Smart stage lighting for trade shows.£40.00

G5 black exhibition light, 5w Led spot light.

G5 Black LED Spotlight Small LED exhibition spot light A...£25.00

Light extender with clamp (not including lighting fixture)

Light extender Correct your lighting with Light extension...£14.00