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Exhibition Gantry Stand Designs.

Favourite Exhibition Gantry Stand Designs

Here is a selection of some favourite stands Coker Expo offer an extensive range of Exhibition display stands, Exhibition Gantry Stands are totally customisable to suit the size of your exhibition space. Whether you are looking for a simple quad gantry for a 3m x 3m exhibition space, or require a more complex gantry build. Coker Expo are experts in the manufacture and supply of exhibition display stands and will produce 3D visuals to show you exactly how your stand will look before it is constructed.

When it comes to lighting truss it really is a case of, can you imagine it. We can probably create it in one of our gantry systems. Take a look at our truss designs in trio and quad, 35mm and 50mm diameter tube, all spigot and pin connection systems, some suited for indoor exhibitions and some external events.

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Exhibition gantry stand square or rectangular build.

Square or rectangle exhibition truss Build all these size...£1,640.00

4x4M Exhibition gantry build 2

Exhibition gantry build 2 Exhibition lighting rig 2 Quick...£5,092.00

Hexagonal exhibition truss system

Trio hexagonal lighting gantry Build 12 A hexagonal trio...£2,793.00

C1 Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand 5 x 4 Metres

Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand S35 Big stand less than two...£1,740.00

Curved lighting truss structure, truss dome.

Gantry lighting truss Curved lighting truss stand Eye...£2,200.00

Lighting truss exhibition stand build "H"

Gantry build h 3.5 x 3.5 x 5 Metres Trio lighting truss...£2,700.00

Wall fixed exhibition stand System 35 Quad

Wall Fixed Quad Lighting Gantry Quad lighting truss.£1,346.00