S35 Trio Gantry Exhibition Stands

Our range of exhibition gantry and lighting truss systems for shows and events in our system trio 35 range. These systems use a 35mm diameter aluminium tube, High speed spigot and pin connection with solid conicals to give high load bearing and low deflection rates on wide spanning beams. Impressive weight loading and deflection charts are available on request. These designs and ideas can be adapted, gantry stands can easily be rebuilt to suit a different sized stand

We supply scale drawings with all our full truss system purchases. Create your own designs by adapting these examples, add banners, lights and furniture to visualise your perfect exhibition stand.

Discuss your needs with Coker Exhibition Systems lighting truss advisors 01256 768178.

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Alfresco corner stand in Trio trussing


Exhibition gantry stand square or rectangular build


Lighting truss exhibition stand build "H"


Tri tube lighting truss exhibition stand


Trio custom exhibition gantry system for events


Trio lighting truss with cross beam


Aluminium lighting gantry for events and exhibitions


Lighting truss systems for events


Exhibition lighting truss stand with double tier design


Gantry lighting design with tables


Lighting truss system design


Display truss build 49 (dwg 529-1)


Exhibition display truss system with arcs


Centre stage walk through lighting truss design


Trade show display truss for events and exhibitions


Lighting gantry exhibition stand


Exhibition lighting truss design for LCD screens


Lighting truss for trade show events


Stylish lighting truss system with tables built in


Corner Exhibition Gantry for trade shows


Lighting truss systems for large floor areas


Lighting Gantry build 23


Lighting truss build 22


Lighting truss build for narrow exhibition areas


Suspended lighting truss with lifting eyes


2 Tier Lighting Truss System Build 18


Exhibition back wall truss portal 3m wide


Exhibition gantry for events build 17


Events Lighting Truss in Trio Build 26


Hexagonal lighting truss tower with radial extending arms


2 Tier Exhibition Gantry system build 13


Exhibition gantry design number 10


2 Tier Lighting Gantry for Trade show events


Truss race start line for outdoor events


Racing event start line B1 in Trio truss


Event race start and finish lines in trussing


4x4M Exhibition gantry build 2


Hexagonal exhibition truss system


C1 Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand 5 x 4 Metres


Curved lighting truss dome structure


2m Trio circle aerial lighting rig


Aerial lighting truss 3m diameter Trio circle


Aerial lighting gantry 4m diameter Trio circle


5m diameter suspended lighting truss in Trio


System 35 aluminium trussing


Trio decorative lighting truss build 73


Aluminium Exhibition Gantry system build 39


Trio gantry build 55


Lighting truss build 19


2 Tier lighting truss structure with 1m radius arcs


Lighting truss structure using 1m arcs


Custom trio truss build 75


Lighting truss build 41 moon unit